Monday, July 20, 2009

The Browns Part II

A big factor in football is defense, defense wins championships, well last year, Cleveland's defense didn't do anything well. The Browns main concern as part of defense is their rushing defense in which last year let go more than 150 yards per game! That is inexcusable. They were ranked 26th in defensive rushing yards. So do you think we learned our lesson, no! This off season we have not pursued anyone except for our 2nd round draft pick and defensive end David Veikune and 4th round inside linebacker Kaluka Maiava, both of who are currently not starters. What happened to attacking free agents? What happened to trading for better players? A great example of the free agent list and people we should sign is Marvin Harrison, who currently is just sitting there. He is a pro bowl worthy wide receiver, which would be a great fit for our Browns who recently lost two wide receivers, those being Dante Stallworh and Joe Jurivicious. So, why aren't we pursuing these free agents? Ask our new coach Eric Mangini, who decided to sign a few players from the Jets that probably won't start. if Mangini doesn't start to pick valuable players, then we are only going to get worse. Next, they are doing well in pass defense in which they are 14th, they are also still pursuing more people seeing as they have gotten a few corners this offseason, mostly in the draft. This is the area where Cleveland is doing well and I have no further comments except that it needs just a slight amount of improvement because our division is very good at passing.