Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Browns in General part I

I am a Clevelander, and my favorite teams in the pros are the Cavaliers, The Browns, and The Tribe. The first question about the Browns that many people are asking is "Who will start at the quarterback position?". A follow-up question for that is "Why is that so crucial?". It is important because last season The Browns offense looked like this: they were 30th in points with 14.5 ppg, they were 31st in yards with 249.1 ypg, they were 31st in pass yards with 148.8 ypg, and they were 26Th in rush yards with 100.3 ypg. So, Who will start at the Browns quarterback position, Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? Derek Anderson played in 10 games, where as Brady Quinn only started in 3 games. Although the games played difference is so high, some statistics are so different that you can't help but see the difference. Such as in sacks, throughout 10 games Anderson had 14 sacks, and lost 87 yards, whereas Quinn in 3 games had one sack and lost 9 yards. This means that Anderson had 1.4 sacks per game, and lost 8.7 ypg due to sacks, when Quinn only had .33 sacks per game and lost only 3 yards per game due to sacks! What a difference. Although 5 yards per game doesn't seem like much, if you are on a 2nd down and have 3 yards to go, and get sacked for 8 yards it will then be 3rd and 11 instead of a 1st down. Another big statistic is passing ypg. Derek Anderson had 1,615 yards which is 161.5 ypg. Quinn had 518 yards or 172.6 ypg. That's 11 yards or one 1st down per game. Next, Derek Anderson did have the advantage in touchdowns, where he threw 9, or .9 per game, whereas Quinn threw 2 or .667 per game. Yet, Quinn did do better in interceptions having only 2 or .667 per game, and Anderson having 8 or .8 per game. The next 3 statistics are very close together, and almost are equal. Derek Anderson completed 87 1st downs, 82 through the air and 5 on the ground. Quinn completed 26, 24 through the air and 2 on the ground. The difference, Anderson had 8.7 per game and Quinn had 8.67 per game. After that, the passer rating comes into play where Quinn had a 66.6 and Anderson had a 66.5. Finally, the completion percentage of Anderson had a 50.2 and Quinn had 50.6. So, who does this lead to? Who will start? I believe that Quinn, who also has a 5.8 compared to Anderson's 5.7 yard per completion, will start, but Cleveland's head coach Eric Mangini will have to make the decision. Follow my blog for more of the Brown's keys for winning in 2009

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