Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Triple Crown?

In the 2008-2009 sporting year, Pittsburgh teams have dominated. Other than the most recent Championship, The NBA finals in which The LA Lakers won vs. the ORL Magic, Pittsburgh has won all of the other 4 major sports thus far. The Steelers started it off in football being 12-4, as well as winning the Superbowl versus the Arizona Cardinals. Then, The Pittsburgh Penguins followed by completing their season 45-28-9 and upsetting the Detroit Red Wings in The Stanley Cup Finals. Pittsburgh does not have a basketball team in their city, but they do have the nearby Philadelphia who were 41-41, clinching a seed in the playoffs, but losing in the 1st round of the playoffs. Currently underway is the 2009 baseball season, and Pittsburgh's chance to win an unheard of Triple Crown. The heavy weight of this scenario all lands on the Pittsburgh Pirates, who currently are 30-33 and 4.5 games behind the leader of their division, The Milwaukee Brewers, who are 35-29. Although The Pirates win percentage is .476, they are on a 2 game win streak and are 5-5 in their last 10 games. Also, just because they are 4.5 games behind the Brewers does not mean their season is over! There are around 100 games left in the season, and if Pittsburgh has a good 2nd 2/3 of the season then they can easily make the playoffs. Next, don't forget about the wild card! Their have been many upsets this year alone that could of set Pittsburgh teams up for a Championship, including the Anaheim Ducks defeated the 1st seed San Jose Sharks! The Pirates would be 1 game above .500 if they had won 2/3 of the games decided by one run! Currently in games decided by 1 run Pittsburgh is 4-8. Another improvement The Pirates could make is winning more games on the road, currently they are 13-21 on the road!!! That is Way Less than 50% which is what a playoff team wants at the least on the road! If they shape up those two categories, the Pirates should do well this season as shown by their home record of 17-12. So, Can The Pirates win the World Series? Will Pittsburgh win a triple crown? Continue to look out for this historic event!!!

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