Friday, June 19, 2009

A-Rod a threat for the All-Time Home Run Leader

The Top three active Home Run leaders are Ken Griffy Jr., who is 39 and has 617 Home Runs, Alex Rodriguez, who is 33 and has 562 Home Runs, and Jim Thome who is 38 and has 553 Home Runs. The Current all time Home Run leader is Barry Bonds who has 762 Home Runs, although it took him until he was 42 to hit all those Home Runs. So, if Alex Rodriguez averages the same amount of Home Runs that he has hit in the last three years, home many years will it take him to break Barry Bonds record? With his last three years average of 41.3 Home Runs per season it would take him 5 years to break Bond's record! That would be 6 years quicker than it took Bonds, but we have to calculate injuries, suspensions, and any slowdown in Homerun hitting such as Barry had when he was 40.
Alex was the youngest person to hit 500 homeruns, and he has proven the ability to come off of this years injury (hip cysts) and still hit homeruns. Although he only has 9 Home Runs this year, he still has a while to hit more, and it may not be a tie for his career high 54 Home Runs this season, he could definitely hit around 30-40.
So, will A-Rod break Bond's record? Can he be the all-time Home Run leader? Watch A-Rod and the Yankees to find out!

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